Top 10 Reasons to Use the Services of a Professional Operator

Operators have a vested interest in helping you to succeed. They know, given their experience, what games will earn best in your type of location. By providing on-time, on-site service when needed, your professional operator helps you to earn a greater profit, with far less aggrevation, than you might have earned otherwise.

Reason #1
Save Money! – No Capital Outlay to You – Spiraling costs are making new, high-tech games run into tens of thousands of dollars. That kind of purchase is hard to justify in the face of ever-changing technology that can turn today’s money-maker into tomorrow’s dinosour. An operator takes 100% of the risk for a percentage of the profit.
Reason #2
Save More Money! – Operators provide Parts, Supplies, and Service – If your game breaks down at 10 p.m. on a busy Friday night, one call to your operator may well be all you need to get those games back up and running fast.
Reason #3
Save Even More Money! – Security is Priority #1. – Thieves can rob you of your profits, but an experienced operator can help keep your money in your pocket — right where it belongs.
Reason #4
Make Money! – Game Pricing and Difficulty Levels – It’s not surprising that pricing and difficulty settings affect both game revenue and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Operators have the experience to determine the proper settings for your location.
Reason #5
Make More Money! – You’re now First in Line for the Next Hot Game! – Operators make it their business to know about the latest profit making games. They have ongoing relationships with the front-line distributors. That means that there’s no problem replacing games when necessary and no reason for you to take the loss in asset value when newer, more competitive games come along.
Reason #6
Make Even More Money! – Customized Floor Layouts and Game Rotation – Operators have the experience to know what will and won’t work in your locations. Game rotation and layout tweaking help to keep the game mix fresh and inviting. It helps to attract new customers, and moreover, keeps existing patrons in your location longer.
Reason #7
Profit Through Promotion – Tournaments and Contests – Operators will organize tournaments, contests and traveling leagues. This effort promotes your location. Promotions provide you with increased game revenue, a larger, more loyal customer base, as a result, increased bottom line sales.
Reason #8
Profit Through Information – Accurate Game Performance Data – Accountability and data analysis of game performance by computerized meter readings are an option that many operators provide at no extra charge. Reports can even be customized to suit the needs of each location.
Reason #9
Profit Through Partnership – Stay Aware of Changing Industry Trends and Potentially Harmful Legislation – Government Regulation and Business Taxes are unavoidable, but operators can help you to stay current with state, local and national laws that apply to coin-operated games and, by default, your bottom-line.
Reason #10
Time Equals Money! – Free Up Your Time – Utilizing the expertise of a professional operator helps to frees you to concentrate more on your core business.
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